Forest City Fly Fishing Club

Welcome to the Forest City
Flyfishing Club
The meeting place for London Fly Fishers
Meeting Info
Learn how to fly fish, tie flies, build fly rods or just  
hang out with those who do.
Fly Fishing clubs offer the best place to learn all  
about fly fishing.  For those new to fly fishing,  
come, learn and develope friendships with those  
who want to pass this wonderful tradition on.  For  
seasoned anglers, it's a home away from home  
where we all share the love of fly fishing.
Upcoming Events
For more
up to the minute
1st & 3rd
Sept.- June
499 Hill St. 3rd floor
7 PM
New Look!  
Under constuction  meaning this is all you get for a few weeks.
Last spring casting clinic tomorrow, Tuesday May 12th, Gibbons Park Victoria St. entrance, 6pm-ish.
  "In the River"
- Ruben will be demonstrating casting methods and line control in the water. 
Bring your waders if you will be practising in the water
TIE & LIE NIGHT: Wed. May 20th 7pm.
Past Newsletters
June 3rd
AGM & Raffle
5pm-ish, Gibbons Park Victoria St West entrance 
TIE & LIE NIGHT: Wed. June 17
Last indoor meeting of the season.